If you are a site manager for a construction firm, then you need no-one to tell you how theft and burglary are problems for the industry – and a headache for you personally.

In 2014 alone there were over eleven thousand reported thefts of heavy machine equipment from construction sites. And the bad news is that less than a quarter (23%) of the items were recovered.


This is the first and most obvious thing that will deter thieves – in any walk of life, not just the construction industry.

The more lighting that you have the less chance of someone chancing their arm and stealing your equipment, or stock, is. It is that simple.

One suggestion for lighting your construction site up at night are tripod mounted dual head LED lights.

LEDs are perfect for outdoors and lighting should not be a problem these days, as most solutions can be found on sites like Amazon for under $100.


Although this is not the cheap option – a good surveillance system could cost around $2500 upwards – neither is being robbed on a regular basis either. In fact, even one theft of an expensive piece of machinery could set you back by the same amount! And that is even before you have factored in higher insurance premiums.

Once you have got your security system, make sure that people know about it. If a potential thief knows they may be starring on film, they probably won’t bother breaking into your yard in the first place!


This is pretty obvious stuff, but sometimes thefts occur because no one has been available to take charge of a delivery.

Ultimately, when this happens, it is due to sloppy site management.

Make sure you know when things are due to arrive on site and ensure that there is someone there to sign them off.


Not providing adequate fencing or other deterrents to gaining access to the building site is another major factor in thefts occurring.

Sometimes, if you make it easy for thieves to steal something, then they will do. And some people will steal anything that cannot be nailed down.

So, if you cannot nail it down, physically, the next best thing is to put it behind high and difficult to access fencing.

We can’t pretend that this is going to be a cheap option – but neither is being robbed!